Buildings Construction

 KKG has been active in construction of multi story buildings in Afghanistan. Since, establishment KKG has constructed tens of building construction projects with best quality and complexity from one story up to 6 story buildings.  KKG has extensive experience in various building construction projects such as;   Industrial building construction, Schools, residential building construction, hospitals and clinics construction projects, dormitories construction, schools and other education institutions building projects and etc.

One of the complex and huge project KKG has successfully completed a Sigma School project was worth One Million USD in Kabul provinces in 2011. The project consisted construction of various building and civil infrastructures such as administrative buildings, barrack buildings, residential buildings, clinics, dining building, warehouse building, generator building, water supply and sewerage systems for interior and exteriors including electrical and landscaping works. The project was funded by US ARMY. In addition, KKG worked with US-Army Camp Phenoix, NATO/ISAF, MTN Afghanistan and Salam Afghanistan Telecommunication companies in Afghanistan in Construction of Building site offices and GSM Towers